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इलेक्ट्रॉनिक गैजेट


MANCAB® wires and Cables processed Under the supervision of qualified and experienced technicians who are well versed with modern technology and the cables conforms to today's industry standards. MANCAB® brand PVC insulated Single core, Multi core, Flexible, Unarmored, Solid, Stranded, Sheathed, Unsheathed, Copper and Aluminum cables have wide range of applications in Machine tools, Telecommunication, Electrical Industries. Screened /Shielded cables widely used for Signal, Data Transmission, Analog & Automation.

MANCAB® is one of the leading Brand for House Wires HRFR-LSH, ZHFR Cables, Single & Multi Core Flexible Cables (Single Core up to 400 & Multi core up to 95 4 Cores),TRS , EPR CSP, PCP Multi core Cables (As per IS:9968/88),TRS/HOFR Welding Cables (IS:9857:1988(Pt.-1)), C.C.Tv. Cables Cu Braided Flexible & Armoured, Communication Cable, Power& Control Cables, Telecommunication Cable, Jelly Flood Coaxial Cables (Cu conductor) Un armoured & Armoured ,Control Instrumentation Cables, Load Cell Cables, Unshielded Taped Cables(WLC cables), ATC Hook Up Wires, Transparent Speaker Wires, Round Flexible Cord Cables, ATC Screened Armoured Cables, Shielded Mylar Taped Cables, Thermocouple wires, RTD cables, Teflon Wires, Compensating cables, LAN Cables UTP, STP, Outdoor, UA, armoured & Traveling , Fiberglass cables, AL & CU L.T. Armoured Cables, Submarine Cables, D.C. Solar Cables, F.S. Cables.

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